§ 153.155  PERMITTED USES.
   Within the B-2 Neighborhood Business District, no structure or land shall be used except for one or more of the following uses, or uses deemed similar by the City Council:
   (A)   Any permitted use regulated in the B-1 District, § 153.140; and/or
   (B)   The following neighborhood retail sales and service businesses supplying commodities or performing a service primarily for residents of the surrounding neighborhood:
      (1)   Antique store;
      (2)   Appliance store;
      (3)   Art and school supply store;
      (4)   Bakery good sales and baking of goods for retail sales on premises;
      (5)   Bank;
      (6)   Bicycle sales and repair;
      (7)   Books, new or used, office supply and stationery store;
      (8)   Camera and photographic supply store;
      (9)   Candy, ice cream, popcorn, nuts, frozen desserts and soft drink shop but not of the drive-in type or with a drive-through;
      (10)   Clothing store;
      (11)   Delicatessen and/or dairy store;
      (12)   Drugstore;
      (13)   Dry cleaning and laundry pick up stations including incidental pressing and repair;
      (14)   Health club under 4,000 square feet;
      (15)   Florist store;
      (16)   Gift shop;
      (17)   Grocery store;
      (18)   Hardware store;
      (19)   Hobby or craft store including handicraft classes not to exceed ten students;
      (20)   Jewelry sales and repair store;
      (21)   Laundromat of self service type;
      (22)   Library;
      (23)   Massage therapy services;
      (24)   Meat market, but not including processing for a locker;
      (25)   Music store;
      (26)   Newsstand;
      (27)   Paint, wallpaper sales;
      (28)   Picture framing store;
      (29)   Pipe and tobacco store;
      (30)   Restaurant, café, tea room;
      (31)   Shoe sales and repair;
      (32)   Small appliance repair;
      (33)   Sporting goods store;
      (34)   Tailor shop;
      (35)   Tanning salon;
      (36)   Reflexology services; and
      (37)   Spa.
(Ord. 07-08, passed - -; Ord. passed 10-11-1963)