§ 153.140  PERMITTED USES.
   Within the B-1 Limited Business District, no structure or land shall be used, except for one or more of the following uses, or uses deemed similar by the City Council:
   (A)   Art studio;
   (B)   Barbershop;
   (C)   Hair salon;
   (D)   A licensed child care facility;
   (E)   Municipal buildings where the use conducted is customarily considered to be an office use;
   (F)   Offices of a general nature, other than medical or dental, where the employment within the building does not exceed 50 persons and the operations do not include retail sales or warehousing from the site;
   (G)    Photographic studio;
   (H)   Satellite dish antennas greater than one meter (39 inches) in diameter. See § 153.396; and/or
   (I)   Small wireless facilities, as defined in § 95.15, that are located in the right-of-way, and comply with the provisions of § 95.24.
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