Within the B-1 Limited Business District, no structure or land shall be used for the following uses, except by conditional use permit:
   (A)   Interior decorating studio and music studio provided no retail sales are made of products unless the products are manufactured on the site;
   (B)   Essential service structures, including, but not limited to, buildings such as telephone exchange station, booster or pressure stations, elevated tanks, lift stations and electric power sub-stations;
   (C)   Historical buildings, museums, art institutes, galleries and playhouses/theaters;
   (D)   Nursing homes or retirement homes, provided the site shall contain not less than 600 square feet of lot area for each person to be accommodated and that no building be located less than 30 feet from the side lot line;
   (E)   Off-street parking, when the principal site of the off-street parking abuts on a lot which is in another B or I District, is in the same ownership as the land in the B or I District, is subject to those conditions as set forth in §§ 153.345 through 153.351 and other conditions as found necessary by the City Council to carry out the intent of this chapter;
   (F)   Private garages;
   (G)   Radio and television stations and studios;
   (H)   Radio and television towers;
   (I)   Dental or medical office or clinic;
   (J)   Elderly community education center, provided that it is located in a building that contains a civic or community center or a multi-family elderly residential housing facility; or
   (K)   A state licensed adult day care facility, provided that the lot is located at least 200 feet from Robert Street.
(Ord. passed 10-11-1963)