Within any R-1A One-Family Use District, the following vises shall be permitted accessory uses:
   (A)   Private garages and parking spaces;
   (B)   Private swimming pool and tennis court;
   (C)   Home occupations as defined herein, provided that:
      (1)   Only persons residing in the dwelling shall be engaged in the occupation;
      (2)   The occupation shall be conducted entirely within the principal structure;
      (3)   Evidence of the occupation shall not be visible from the street;
      (4)   No stock or warehousing for the occupation shall be stored on the premises;
      (5)   Over-the-counter retail sales are not involved;
      (6)   There shall be no more than three parking spaces for the occupant and visitors;
      (7)   No accessory building or attached garage shall be used for the home occupation; and
      (8)   Property cannot be used as a meeting location for employees.
   (D)   Signs as regulated by §§ 153.430 et seq. and by §§ 150.105 et seq.;
   (E)   Temporary buildings located for purposes of construction on the premises for a period not to exceed time necessary for the construction;
   (F)   Gardening and other horticultural uses where no sale of products is conducted on the premises;
   (G)   Decorative landscape features;
   (H)   The keeping of domestic animals for noncommercial purposes for use of the occupants of the premises, provided that any accessory building used for housing the animals shall be located not less than 30 feet from the nearest residence, and provided further that the keeping of the animals shall be subject to requirements of the city code; and
   (I)   Storage buildings subject to § 153.380.
(Ord. 04-15, passed - -; Ord. passed 10-11-1963; Ord. 16-12, passed 11-14-2016)