(A)   Radio and television antennas and support system, weighing 25 pounds or more, or encompassing an area of more than 70 square feet are permitted uses in an R-1A District, provided that the following conditions and provisions are met.
      (1)   No antenna shall be located within the front yard.
      (2)   Antennas attached or mounted to buildings shall comply with the requirements of the International Building Code as adopted, wind design of the State Building Code, and such compliance and method of attachment shall be certified by a registered state structural engineer.
      (3)   The total area of the antenna shall not encompass more than 120 square feet.
      (4)   The antenna shall be located and designed so as to minimize impact at street level from surrounding properties and public streets.
      (5)   Free standing antennas, including those attached to buildings for additional support, shall be setback from the side and rear lot lines a distance at least equal to their height.
      (6)   Before erecting the antenna, a building permit shall be first secured from the city building. Application for the permit shall be in writing and made to the City Building Official. All persons proposing to erect, construct or locate antennas with the city shall apply for and obtain a Building permit according to the provisions in the city code.
      (7)   No signs, pictures or messages shall be painted on or attached to any antennas.
   (B)   Strictly excluded from this provision are satellite dish antennas, and antenna towers and personal wireless services.
(Ord. 04-16, passed - -; Ord. passed 10-11-1963)