The following rules and regulations govern the presence of domestic animals in a park.
   (A)   Lawful. It is lawful for any park visitor to bring a domestic animal into a park if:
      (1)   The domestic animal is properly licensed;
      (2)   The domestic animal is restrained on an adequate leash no longer than six feet;
      (3)   The domestic animal is a dangerous dog and is properly restrained, pursuant to Chapter 90;
      (4)   Park visitors who bring domestic animals into a park have tools or equipment in their possession that are suitable for the removal of animal fecal material and promptly and effectively remove from the ground or surface of any park and any park facilities all fecal material deposited by the domestic animal under their control or care. Park visitors removing animal wastes from park surfaces shall dispose of it in a sanitary manner, which may include depositing it in any designated waste receptacle located in the park;
      (5)   The domestic animal does not disturb, harass or interfere with any park visitor or any park visitor’s property;
      (6)   The domestic animal is necessary to assist physically or mentally challenged persons; or
      (7)   The domestic animal is a police enforcement animal.
   (B)   Liability. The domestic animal owner who brings the animal to the park is liable for any action taken or damage caused by the animal.
   (C)   Prohibition in certain parks. Except under divisions (A)(6) and (A)(7) above, no domestic animals are permitted within any park building, on any skating rinks, golf courses, swimming pools or athletic fields in the sports complex.
   (D)   Right to prohibit certain animals. The Parks and Recreation Director may prohibit any domestic animal and its owner from a park for violating the rules and regulations of this section or state law.
(2001 Code, § 825.15)