§ 91.07  FIRE LANES.
   (A)   Establishment. The Fire Chief may require the establishment of fire lanes on public or private property as deemed necessary to ensure the movement of fire equipment is not obstructed or interfered with and so that access to buildings, structures, fire protection equipment and fire hydrants is not blocked or obstructed.
   (B)   Posting.
      (1)   After a fire lane has been established, the owner or occupant of the property, at the owner or occupant’s own expense and within 30 days of the establishment of the fire lane, shall erect signs designating the area as a fire lane, and when there is curbing adjacent to the fire lanes, cause them to be painted yellow within the time period, weather permitting.
      (2)   The signs must be 12 inches by 18 inches, bearing the words “NO PARKING-FIRE LANE-CITY ORDINANCE,” “NO PARKING-FIRE LANE-BY ORDER OF FIRE CHIEF” or “NO PARKING FIRE LANE” and must be white with red lettering and be clearly legible from a distance of 100 feet.
      (3)   Signs must be erected on posts adjacent to the fire lanes and be at least five feet in height and not more than 75 feet apart, unless the Fire Chief authorizes otherwise.
   (C)   Violations. It is a violation of this section to:
      (1)   Park a vehicle in an established fire lane;
      (2)   Leave a vehicle unattended in an established fire lane; or
      (3)   Obstruct a fire lane in any manner.
(2001 Code, § 917.13)  (Ord. 11-04, passed - -)