§ 91.06  OPEN BURNING.
   Open burning is governed by Minn. Stat. Chapter 88, as it may be amended from time to time.
   (A)   Fuels. Rubber, plastics, chemically treated material, hazardous wastes, yard waste, demolition debris, garbage, trash, construction debris or flammable liquids shall not be used for fuel.
   (B)   Permission to start fires. A permit to start a fire to burn vegetative materials or other materials allowed by the state statutes or official state rules and regulations shall be obtained prior to burning, except in the case of recreational fires, as defined in Chapter 3 of the MSFC.
   (C)   Recreational fires. All recreational fires are governed by the State DNR, as prescribed by state statutes and the MSFC. Recreational fires must also comply with the following:
      (1)   Size. Size of recreational fires may not exceed three-foot diameter by two feet in height, and must be contained in an approved manner such as a portable barbecue pit, fire pit or fire ring.
      (2)   Fire-extinguishing equipment. Buckets, shovels, garden hoses or a fire extinguisher with a minimum 4-A rating shall be readily available for use at recreational fires.
      (3)   Attendance. An attendant shall supervise a recreational fire until such fire has been extinguished. Fires found to be unattended will be extinguished by the Fire Department.
      (4)   Time restriction. All recreational fires shall be extinguished by midnight.
      (5)   Offensive smoke and odors. Special consideration must be given to prohibit/control objectionable smoke or odorous conditions.
      (6)   Discontinuance. Fire Department personnel are authorized to require that recreational fires be immediately discontinued if it is determined that a hazardous condition exists or if the fire is creating offensive odors or smoke.
      (7)   Burning restrictions. The Fire Department may periodically restrict recreational fires due to hazardous, dry and windy weather conditions, or based on MN DNR guidance.
(Ord. 17-05, passed 5-22-2017)