A licensee hereunder shall:
   (A)   Make no additions whatsoever, during the period of the licensed sale, to the stock of goods set forth in the inventory attached to the application for license;
   (B)   Refrain from employing any untrue, deceptive, or misleading advertising;
   (C)   Conduct the licensed sale in strict conformity with any advertising or holding out incident thereto;
   (D)   Keep available at the place of sale a duplicate copy of the inventory submitted with the application, and shall present such duplicate to inspecting officials upon request; and
   (E)   Keep any other goods separate and apart from the goods listed in the filed inventory as being objects of sale and shall make such distinction clear to the public by placing tags on all inventoried goods in and about the place of sale apprising the public of the status of all such goods.
(Prior Code, § 24-11)