(A)   The License Officer shall renew a license for one period of time only, such period to be in addition to the 60 days permitted in the original license and not to exceed 30 consecutive days, Sundays and holidays excluded, when he or she finds:
      (1)   Facts exist justifying the license renewal;
      (2)   The licensee has filed an application for renewal; and
      (3)   The licensee has submitted with the application for renewal a revised inventory showing the items listed on the original inventory remaining unsold and not listing any goods not included in the original application and inventory.
   (B)   For the purpose of this section, any application for a license under the provisions of this chapter covering any goods previously inventoried, as required hereunder, shall be deemed to be an application for renewal, whether presented by the original applicant or by any other person.
(Prior Code, § 24-10)