1157.01   Intent.
1157.02   Definitions.
1157.03   Governmental signs excluded.
1157.04   General requirements for all signs and districts.
1157.05   Measurement of sign area.
1157.06   Awnings with signs.
1157.07   Signs permitted in all districts not requiring a permit.
1157.08   Signs permitted in any district requiring a permit.
1157.09   Signs permitted in the business and manufacturing districts requiring a permit.
1157.10   Temporary signs.
1157.11   Free standing signs.
1157.12   Wall signs pertaining to non-conforming uses.
1157.13   Signs on service station dispensing pumps and canopies.
1157.14   Real estate signs.
1157.15   Political signs.
1157.16   Garage, porch, yard and similar sale signs.
1157.17   Biennial inspection.
1157.18   Sign setback requirements.
1157.19   Increased setback.
1157.20   Setbacks for public and quasi public signs.
1157.21   Special yard provisions.
1157.22   Portable and temporary signs.
1157.23   Violations.
1157.24   Existing signs.
1157.25   Permits and fees.
1157.26   Appeal of decision of Code Enforcement Officer.
1157.99   Penalty.
Power to regulate advertising - see Ohio R.C. 715.65
Advertising on State and interstate highways - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 5516