1115.10  ZONING FEE.
   (a)   The fee for a request for any change in Part 12, Zoning Code, regarding zoning text amendments or changes to the zoning map, shall be one hundred dollars ($100) payable to the City, except when made by the Mayor or a Councilperson who are exempt from this requirement.
   (b)   The fee shall be refunded in full if Council, upon the recommendation of the Planning, Zoning and Legislative Committee, determines not to prepare legislation and disapproves the application.  If legislation is prepared, the fee shall be fully earned, and, in addition, the party making the request, except when made by the Mayor or a Councilperson, shall reimburse the City for all advertising costs and other related costs of any notices required by any of the ordinances of the City.
(Ord. 2017-5.  Passed 6-1-17.)