(a)   Except as otherwise provided by this chapter, the following applies to all conditional use permits:
      (1)   The fee for a conditional use permit shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) payable to the City.
      (2)   The fee shall be refunded in full if Council, upon the recommendation of the Planning, Zoning and Legislative Committee, determines not to prepare legislation and disapproves the application.  If legislation is prepared, the fee shall be fully earned, and, in addition, the party making the request shall reimburse the City for all advertising costs and other related costs of any notices required by any of the ordinances of the City.
   (b)   Wireless telecommunication facilities:
      (1)   At the time that a person submits an Application for a Conditional Use Permit for a new Tower, such person shall pay a non-refundable application fee of $500.00 to the City.  If the Application is for a Conditional Use Permit for co-locating on an existing Tower or other suitable structure, where no increase in height of the Tower or structure is required, the non- refundable fee shall be $200.00.
      (2)   No Application fee is required in order to rectify a Conditional Use Permit for Wireless Telecommunications Facilities, unless there has been a visible modification of the Wireless Telecommunications Facility since the date of the issuance of the existing Conditional Use Permit for which the conditions of the Conditional Use Permit have not previously been modified.  In the case of any modification, the fees provided in subsection (1) shall apply.
      (3)   In addition to the application fee, wireless telecommunication facilities are also subject to the requirements of Zoning Code Sections 1224.12, 1224.19 and 1224.22
(Ord. 2017-5.  Passed 6-1-17.)