(a)   General Duties. All legislative powers of the Municipality, except as limited by this Charter, shall be vested in the Council, and in furtherance thereof it shall originate, introduce and pass ordinances and adopt resolutions; fix the salaries of all employees of the Municipality whether elected or appointed; require and fix bond for the faithful discharge of the duties of office by officers and employees; (the premium of any bond required by Council may be paid by the Municipality); adopt a budget; provide for an annual financial audit by the State; authorize the issuance of bonds under State law; and perform such other duties and exercise such other rights, not inconsistent with this Charter, as now or hereafter granted to the legislative authority of any municipality of Ohio.
   Salaries paid to members of Council may neither be increased nor decreased during the term in which such legislation changing the salaries of councilmembers is adopted. Any change in the salaries of members of Council for the succeeding term of Council must be effective at least 45 days prior to the date a person is required to file for candidacy of the office of Council. (Amended 11-4-80.)
   (b)   Validation of Actions. All ordinances passed and resolutions adopted by Council shall be signed by the President of Council, or President pro tem., attested by the Clerk and presented to the Mayor within five (5) days after their passage by the Council.
(Amended 11-7-72.)
   (c)   Redividing the City into Wards. The wards as presently constituted shall remain the same and the Council by the first regular meeting of March, 1983 and, from that point on, each four (4) years and six (6) years respectively shall redivide the City into six wards. The wards so formed shall be compact and contiguous with no more than five percent (5%) variation in population between them. Wherever practical, ward boundaries shall follow natural boundaries or street lines. All votes by Council on ward boundary changes shall be taken only at regular meetings of Council and a two-thirds (2/3) vote of Council is required for passage of said boundary changes.
   Upon failure of the Council to redivide the City within the period provided, if redivision is necessary, the Director of Law shall redivide it as herein provided and the Director shall file such plan with the Clerk of Council within thirty (30) days. This plan shall thereupon become the new division by wards of the City.
   The division of the City into wards existing at the time of adoption of this amendment shall continue until changed as provided herein.
   No change in ward boundaries by either the Council or the Law Director shall be made in such a manner so as to result in an incumbent Councilperson no longer residing in the ward from which that Councilperson was last elected.
(Amended 11-4-80.)