(a)   In an Interchange Services District no access street or driveway shall be located less than 600 feet from the intersection of a freeway ramp with any thoroughfare, unless a marginal road is planned for by providing a setback greater than required. Access to an existing residential use may be continued for the duration of such use.
   Access driveways shall be limited to two for each lot containing a business use and shall be established as follows:
      (1)   The width of the permitted access driveways shall be not greater than twenty-four feet;
      (2)   The apron of such driveway shall be delineated by a curb of twenty feet radius;
      (3)   The curb shall be continued or another suitable barrier shall be provided along the road frontage between access points to prevent unchanneled vehicular ingress or egress. The location of an access driveway adjacent to a side lot line is encouraged, so that when adjoining lots are developed, a joint two-way access is created and maintained.
   (b)   If a plan is submitted for the comprehensive development of contiguous lots having a total frontage of not less than 600 feet in an Interchange Services District, and incorporating a marginal service road or parallel service road combining the access of several developments or other approved facilities with controlled access points not less than 600 feet apart, the Planning Commission may:
      (1)   Approve such plan with reductions in required minimum lot widths to 150 feet and side yards to ten feet (except adjacent to residential districts);
      (2)   Approve such plans as provided in subsection (a) herein with temporary accesses to individual sites for a limited period, until the overall development is completed according to the approved plan.
         (Ord. 1969-169. Passed 7-16-70.)