Parking areas and access driveways shall be designed, constructed, altered, graded and maintained as follows:
   (a)   Grading and Pavement. Parking areas and access driveways shall be so graded and drained so as to dispose of all surface water and drainage shall not be allowed to flow across a public sidewalk or onto adjacent properties. The areas and driveways shall be improved with bituminous or Portland cement pavement, in accordance with the standards established by the Building Code.
   (b)   Design of Areas. Parking areas shall be so arranged and marked to provide for orderly and safe parking and storage of vehicles in accordance with the design standards mentioned in Section 1221.04 (c) and shall be so improved with bumper guards or curbs to define parking spaces or limits of paved areas, except at entrances and exits, so as to prevent encroachment of vehicles into adjacent areas, public ways or setback as required by regulations for certain districts or by provisions in other sections of this Zoning Code.
   (c)   Signs. Signs located on or related to parking areas shall be permitted as provided in Chapter 1223 .
      (Ord. 1969-169. Passed 7-16-70.)