(a)   Parking for Single and Mixed Uses. A building occupied by one use shall provide the off-street parking spaces as required for the specific use. A building or group of buildings, occupied by two or more uses, operating normally during the same hours, shall provide spaces for not less than the sum of the spacess if required for each use. For a large unit development of business uses, such as a shopping center or office building complex, spaces shall be provided for the total area of the building or buildings as set forth in the Schedule, Section 1221.05, instead of the requirements based on separate uses.
   (b)   Joint Use of Parking Facilities. Institutions, places of amusement or assembly, items enumerated in Section 1221.05, subsections (b), (c)(4) and (c)(5), may make arrangements with business establishments which normally have different hours of operation for sharing up to, but not more than fifty percent of their requirements in abutting parking areas which are accessory to such business uses, provided that an area shall be reserved for the full number of spaces required in the event an agreement to share spaces is terminated. Where there is a sharing of facilities by different owners or tenants, there shall be a written agreement covering a period of time as may be required by the Planning Commission. Should any of the uses be changed or the facilities discontinued, the required spaces for the use or uses remaining shall be provided elsewhere as a condition precedent to the continued use of such building or buildings.
(Ord. 1988-73. Passed 6-16-88.)