For the purpose of determining the off-street parking and loading facilities required as accessory to a use definitions and standards for measurement are established as follows:
   (a)   "Floor area; parking requirements" means the total area of all the floors of the building used by the principal activity as enumerated in the Schedule, Section 1221.05, measured from the exterior faces of the building. Basement areas or other floors or parts thereof, designed, arranged or used exclusively for accessory storage or similar uses, may be excluded from the floor area.
   (b)   "Floor area; loading requirements" means the total floor area used for the main and accessory activities and storage areas of the building served.
   (c)   "Seating capacity" means the number of seating units installed or indicated on plans for places for assembly; where not indicated on plans, it shall be assumed that a seating unit will occupy six square feet of floor area exclusive of all aisles or areas used for assembly.
   (d)   "Employees" wherever the parking requirement is based on employees, means the maximum number of employees on duty on the premisess at one time or on any two successive shifts, whichever is the greater.
      (Ord. 1969-169. Passed 7-16-70.)