(a)   In a Planned Unit Development (PUD) District, public or private open space shall not be less than fifty percent (50%) of the gross area of the District, except in a Town Center Planned Unit Development (PUD) District, the open space required hereunder shall not be less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the gross land area of the District.
   (b)   Open space shall meet the following standards:
      (1)   Open space shall be used to conserve significant natural features such as mature trees and landscaping, waterways and drainage ways, and other such elements.
      (2)   The open space shall be usable and generally not less than 100 feet in width. It should be interconnected within the development and with adjacent developments, as applicable.
      (3)   Open space shall be dedicated per a deed agreement or similar legal instrument to ensure that it will not be developed in the future.
      (4)   Open space may include:
         A.   Natural areas such as preservation areas, woodlands, lakes, and ponds;
         B.   Historic sites;
         C.   Passive or active recreation uses;
         D.   Retention or detention basins, if designed to be an integral part of the development and/or as an amenity to the residents. Depths of basins shall be shallow and side slopes of such basins shall be less than 3 to 1. The borders of retention basins shall have natural or curvillinear shapes and shall be planted with grass and trees so as to blend in with the landscape features of the development. Retention and detention basins shall be located outside of any required buffer area on property that is within the Planned Unit Development (PUD) District it is to serve.
         E.   Pedestrian walkways and paths;
         F.   Outdoor dining areas;
         G.   Retail kiosks;
         H.   Public plazas and gathering areas;
         I.   Public art or exhibitions; and
         J.   Similar items as approved by the Planning Commission.
      (5)   Open Space may not include:
         A.   Individual lot setbacks and private yards;
         B.   Streets and drives; and
         C.   Retention and detention basins that are not improved per subsection (b)(4)D. above. (Ord. 2023-6. Passed 4-20-23.)