1212.01 INTENT.
   The Planned Unit Development (PUD) District and regulations are established in order to achieve, among others, the following purposes:
   (a)   To encourage skillful planning of residential development by allowing flexibility in type and placement of buildings while promoting coordinated architectural design within a unified development area.
   (b)   To utilize topographic and landscape features to enhance and unify the development and to insulate the development from major arterials as well as protect adjacent residential neighborhoods.
   (c)   To expand the scope of land planning from the concept of unrelated individual parcels and buildings to a coordinated and harmonious development.
   (d)   To promote the efficient use of land, utilities, streets and services.
   (e)   To promote increased open space and landscaped areas between uses and along public roads.
   (f)   To control the vehicular circulation and access to existing roads to reduce congestion and increase safety.
      (Ord. 1991-42. Passed 5-16-91.)
   (g)   In the event of a conflict between the provisions contained in this chapter and other provisions contained in these Codified Ordinances, the provisions and regulations contained in this chapter shall supersede such inconsistent provisions.
      (Ord. 2000-71. Passed 7-20-00.)