(a)   Fees for review of subdivision plans shall be deposited with the Director of Finance at the time the plans are submitted and shall be as follows:
Property split/assembly plat
(application fee only)
Minor subdivisions
Major subdivision review fees:
        Preliminary plan
400.00 plus $5.00
per lot
      Final plan
200.00 plus $5.00
per lot
   The fees for the subdivisions set forth herein shall be separately paid for consideration of preliminary approval and for consideration of final approval irrespective of the fact that the Planning Commission recommends approval or disapproval.
   (b)   Engineering Inspection of the Construction of Improvements.  The fee shall be not more than three percent (3%) of the cost of the improvements, such amount to be deposited with the Director of Finance prior to the presentation of construction plans.  Moneys drawn from this amount will be not less than the expenses incurred by the City.
(Ord. 1998-42.  Passed 2-5-98.)