General Provisions
   94.01   Conditions precedent to improving streets
   94.02   Opening permit required
   94.03   Application and cash deposit
   94.04   Restoration of pavement
   94.05   Barriers around excavations
   94.06   Warning lights
   94.07   Sidewalk construction by the municipality
   94.08   Unloading on street or sidewalk
   94.09   Street or sidewalk obstruction
   94.10   Materials on street or sidewalk
   94.11   Duty to keep sidewalks in repair and clean of ice and snow
   94.12   Ramped curbing for persons with disabilities
   94.13   Flagpole along right-of-way
   94.14   Altering or injuring marker or monument
Construction and Repair
   94.25   Construction and repair may be required
   94.26   Resolution of necessity
   94.27   Notice to construct or repair
   94.28   Assessments of costs against owner
   94.29   Proceedings may include different owners
   94.30   Making and levying assessments
Changes in Streets
   94.40   Change of name, vacating or narrowing streets by petition
   94.41   Change of name, vacating or narrowing streets without petition
   94.42   Notice; exception
   94.43   Publication of notice
   94.44   Effect of order of vacation
   94.45   Effect on public utility easements
   94.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
Assessments generally, see R.C. Chapter 727
Vacation or establishment of streets by court, notice and hearings, see R.C. §§ 723.09 et seq.