General Provisions
   93.01   Application of the chapter
   93.02   Definitions
   93.03   Nuisances generally; injunctions; violation; contempt
   93.04   Maintaining certain nuisances
   93.05   Collection of cost of abating dangerous property condition; injunction; rehabilitation
   93.06   Trimming of trees and shrubbery to prevent obstruction
Septic Tanks, Cesspools, and Refuse
   93.20   Location of privy vaults, cesspools, and septic tanks
   93.21   Unsanitary vaults
   93.22   Removal of contents of vault
   93.23   Deposit of dead animals, offal upon land or water
   93.24   Defiling spring or well prohibited
   93.25   Dumping of refuse in municipality prohibited
   93.26   Abandoned refrigerators
   93.27   Discarding litter prohibited
   93.28   Power of municipality to fill or drain land
Weeds and Litter on Private Property
   93.40   Keeping down weeds
   93.41   Notice to owner to cut noxious weeds, remove litter; service
   93.42   Fees for service and return
   93.43   Procedure when owner fails to comply with notice
   93.44   Written return to County Auditor; amount as a lien upon property
Unclean Habitations
   93.60   Permitting unclean habitations
   93.61   When habitations are deemed unsanitary
   93.62   Order for abatement or vacation of premises
   93.63   Enforcement of vacation order by Fire Chief or Police Chief
   93.64   Enforcement through court proceedings
   93.99   Penalty
Duty to keep sidewalks free from nuisances, see § 94.11
Obscenity, injunction and abatement, see § 133.15
Operating a gambling house as nuisance, see § 134.03
Places where intoxicating liquor sold as nuisances, see §§ 92.21, 92.27 and 93.02
Public gaming as nuisance, see § 134.04
Unauthorized signs and signals as nuisance, see § 70.36
Unclaimed and abandoned motor vehicles, see Chapter 95
Statutory reference:
Issuance of adjudication orders and stop work orders, see R.C. § 3781.031
Noise, certain nuisance immunity regarding noise at shooting ranges, see R.C. § 1533.85
Ohio Building Code, see O.A.C. Chapter 4101:1
Power to abate and prevent nuisances, see R.C. § 715.44