Fireworks and Explosives
   91.01   Definitions
   91.02   Possession, sale, and use of fireworks
   91.03   Permit to use fireworks
   91.04   Manufacturing or wholesale sale without a license; prohibitions
   91.05   Purchasers to comply with law; unauthorized purchases
   91.06   Exhibition without a license; prohibitions for exhibitions
   91.07   Unauthorized transportation or shipping
   91.08   Application of subchapter
   91.09   Arrest of offender; seizure and forfeiture of fireworks; distribution of fines
   91.10   Safety requirements for fireworks showroom structures
   91.11   Storage of explosives
   91.12   Blasting permit
Fire Prevention
   91.30   Removal of flammable materials or obstructions
   91.31   Protective appliances
   91.32   Compliance with order
   91.33   Waste receptacles
   91.34   Hotel to have fire warning device producing visible signal
   91.35   Fire suppression systems
   91.36   Violations of State Fire Code prohibited
   91.37   Posting arson notices in hotels, motels and other places
   91.38   Negligent burning
   91.39   Spreading alarm of unfriendly fire
   91.40   Unvented heaters
Open Burning
   91.55   Definitions
   91.56   Relations to other prohibitions
   91.57   Open burning in restricted areas
   91.58   Permission and notice to open burn
   91.99   Penalty
Failure to secure dangerous ordnance, see § 137.06
Fire Department, see Chapter 35
Fire Engineer, see § 31.103
License to possess dangerous ordnance, see § 137.10
Vehicles carrying explosives, see § 74.36
Statutory reference:
Fire Marshal, fire safety, see R.C. Chapter 3737
Fireworks, state law provisions, see R.C. Chapter 3743
Ohio Fire Code, see O.A.C. Chapter 1301:7-7
Open burning, see O.A.C. Chapter 3745-19
Power to regulate explosives, see R.C. § 715.60