General Provisions
   35.01   Municipal fire regulations; fire department
   35.02   Fire Chief; Fire Prevention Officer; employment of firefighters; criminal records check for firefighters
   35.03   Schooling of officers and firefighters of fire department
   35.04   Legislative Authority may purchase engines and equipment
   35.05   Buildings for department
   35.06   Records
   35.07   Maximum consecutive hours for firefighters on duty
   35.08   Investigation of cause of fire
   35.09   Right to examine buildings, premises, and vehicles
   35.10   Burning buildings for firefighting instruction or research
   35.11   Impersonating fire safety inspector
   35.12   Standards for equipment
   35.13   Persons entitled to be known as firefighters
   35.14   Firefighting and emergency services agreements
   35.15   Regulation of construction in fire limits
Volunteer Firefighters’ Dependents Fund Board
   35.30   Definitions
   35.31   Establishment
   35.32   Membership; vacancies
   35.33   Election and term of members
   35.34   Organization; rules and regulations; roster
   35.35   Compensation and expenses of Board; legal advisor
Fire Engineer, see § 31.103
Fire prevention, fireworks and explosives, see Chapter 91
Statutory reference:
Power of municipality to establish a fire department, see R.C. § 715.05