(A)   A person guilty of any of the following acts may be punished for contempt:
      (1)   Disobedience of, or resistance to, a lawful writ, process, order, rule, judgment, or command of a court or officer;
      (2)   Misbehavior of an officer of the court in the performance of official duties, or in official transactions;
      (3)   A failure to obey a subpoena duly served, or a refusal to be sworn or to answer as a witness, when lawfully required;
      (4)   The rescue or attempted rescue of a person or of property in the custody of an officer by virtue of an order or process of court held by the officer;
      (5)   A failure upon the part of a person recognized to appear as a witness in a court to appear in compliance with the terms of the person’s recognizance;
      (6)   A failure to comply with an order issued pursuant to R.C. § 3109.19 or 3111.81;
      (7)   A failure to obey a subpoena issued by the Department of Job and Family Services, the Department of Children and Youth, or a child support enforcement agency pursuant to R.C. § 5101.37;
      (8)   A willful failure to submit to genetic testing, or a willful failure to submit a child to genetic testing, as required by an order for genetic testing issued under R.C. § 3111.41.
(R.C. § 2705.02) (Rev. 2024)
   (B)   If a person summoned to appear as provided in R.C. § 2935.10(B) fails to appear without just cause and personal service of the summons was had upon the person, he or she may be found guilty of contempt of court, and may be fined not to exceed $20 for such contempt. Upon failure to appear, the court or magistrate may forthwith issue a warrant for his or her arrest.
(R.C. § 2935.11) (Rev. 1999)