General Provisions
   32.001   Members of the Legislative Authority; election; terms of office
   32.002   President Pro Tempore; employees
   32.003   Vacancy when President Pro Tempore becomes Mayor
   32.004   Qualifications of members of the Legislative Authority
   32.005   Compensation and bonds of municipal officers and employees
   32.006   Vacancy
   32.007   Judge of election and qualification of members; quorum and special meetings
   32.008   Rules; journal; expulsion of members
   32.009   Meetings
   32.010   General powers
   32.011   Failure to take oath or give bond
   32.012   Notice when new bond required
   32.013   Care, supervision and management of public institutions
Contracts, Bids and Proceedings
   32.025   Contracts by the Legislative Authority or Administrator
   32.026   Bids and proceedings
   32.027   Alterations or modifications of contract
   32.028   Contract restrictions
   32.029   Award to lowest responsive and responsible bidder
Ordinances and Resolutions
   32.040   Ordinances and resolutions as evidence
   32.041   Passage procedure
   32.042   Style of ordinances
   32.043   Subject and amendment of ordinances and resolutions
   32.044   Authentication and recording of ordinances and resolutions
   32.045   Publication of ordinances and resolutions; proof of publication and circulation
   32.046   Notice for proposed amendments to the municipal Charter
   32.047   Times of publication required
   32.048   Publication and certification of ordinances in book form
   32.049   Adoption of technical ordinances and codes
   32.050   Certificate of Clerk as to publication
   32.051   Effect of not making publication
   32.052   Ordinances providing for appropriations or street improvements; emergency ordinances
Initiative and Referendum
   32.070   Initiative petitions
   32.071   Referendum petitions
   32.072   More than one ordinance required; application of subchapter
   32.073   Presentation of petitions
   32.074   Copy of proposed ordinance or measure to be filed with Clerk
   32.075   Words to be printed in red
   32.076   Designation of committee filing petition; public inspection of petitions; ordinances passed or repealed prior to election
   32.077   Itemized statement by circulator of petition
   32.078   Prohibited practices relative to petitions
   32.079   Accepting premiums for signing
   32.080   Threats in securing signatures
   32.081   Application of subchapter if Charter adopted
Statutory reference:
Village accounting and financial reporting, State Auditor regulations, see O.A.C. Chapter 117-9