Ord. No.   Date   Description
Res.63-1125   4-1-63   Authorizes lease with Jefferson Twp. Trustees for Fire Department Building.
Res.63-1139   7-15-63   Authorizes lease with Bruce D. Lewis Trustee for pt. of Lots 23 and 24, Original Town Plat for municipal parking lot.
64-1179   6-1-64   Authorizes lease with H.F. Rings for portion of City Hall Building.
Res.64-1204   11-2-64   Authorizes lease of portion of City Hall Building with United States of America.
Res.65-1230   1-18-65   Authorizes lease of Village Fire Department Building with Jefferson Township Trustees.
67-1409   10-2-67   Authorizes lease with Jefferson Local Schools for use of school grounds for public park purposes.
68-1444   6-3-68   Authorizes renewal of lease with United States of America for use of rooms in City Hall Building.
69-1510   9-15-69   Authorizes lease with Jefferson Bd. of Education for use of 2.619 acres (originally given to Jefferson Union School) for recreational facilities.
71-1604   4-5-71   Authorizes renewal of lease with United States of America for rooms in City Hall Building.
74-29   5-20-74   Authorizes renewal of lease with United States of American for rooms in City Hall Building.
Res.78-93   12-4-78   Authorizes lease with Jefferson Township Trustees for building at 17 N. Center Street.
Res.05-003   1-3-05   Offers extension of lease with U.S. Postal Service (set forth in Ord. 04-069).
08-055   10-6-08   Authorizes a lease agreement with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to lease that portion of State property adjacent to the Little Darby Scenic River known as Blatter, McDonalds and Merriman Tracts.