Ord. No.   Date   Description
836   5-6-57   Appropriates property in Virginia Military District Survey No. 2445 for construction of sanitary sewer disposal plant.
62-1082   5-7-62   Authorizes contract for purchase of lands from Five Point Properties, Inc.
Res.62-1116   11-19-62   Authorizes purchase from McClelland Gregg of 4.578 acres for drilling well purposes.
67-1385   8-7-67   Authorizes contract with Cecil Converse to purchase 9.977 acres near Village for future water/sanitary sewer improvements.
78-25   3-20-78   Authorizes purchase of 1 acre from Mrs. M. Gregg.
78-68   11-6-78   Authorizes purchase of 0.924 acre from N.J. Merriman for Village garage purposes.
79-13   2-19-79   Accepts bid of F.C. and G. W. Blauser to purchase Village garage at 84 E. Town St.
86-31   6-2-86   Accepts donation of Jefferson Swim Club and 1.746 acres on which Club is located.
91-08   1-21-91   Repeals Ord. 90-123, passed 11-19-90; agreement with J. Thirtyacre to transfer property from Converse Park in exchange for walkway from Madison Dr. west to Converse Park.
93071   7-19-93   Authorizes purchase of real estate/fill dirt from T. A. Looby et al.
01-007   1-3-01   Authorizes contract with Nature Conservancy to convey 1.082 acres to Village.
08-069   12-1-08   Authorizes the sale of 249 West Main St. to First, Inc. for
10-081   9-20-10   Authorizes the conveyance of certain real estate to the Commissioners of Madison County, Ohio.
12-013      2-6-12      Authorizes the purchase of 6.9547 acres from West Jeff Partners for $12,097.80.
15-035      6-15-15   Authorizes the purchase of 25.415 acres, more or less, located in the Village.
18-095      12-3-18   Authorizing the Mayor to enter into a certain real estate purchase contract with the Board of Education of the Jefferson Local School District.
19-058      6-3-19      Amends Res. 18-095.
20-026   3-2-20   Authorizing the sale of approximately 26.58 acres of land located on 263 Pearl Street.
22-037   5-2-22   Accepts deed for 0.059 acres approximately located between Commerce Parkway and US 40 on Park West Drive.