(See Section 1173.08(b)(2).) Minimum pavement widths, back to back of curb, installed at subdivider expense shall conform to specifications listed under Section 1173.08(b)(2) of this Ordinance.
   (a)   Generally.
Primary streets -
50 feet
Secondary streets -
44 feet
Collector streets -
36 feet
Minor streets -
36 feet
Industrial streets -
36 feet
   (b)   Minor Streets. Minor streets, including cul-de-sacs, shall not be over six hundred feet long. The pavement of a turning circle at the end of a dead-end street shall have a minimum outside diameter of eighty (80) feet. A "T" or "Y" shaped paved space, when approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission in place of a turning circle, shall extend entirely across the width of the street right-of-way, except for sidewalk space, and shall be at least ten feet wide with the flared portion rounded by minimum radii of twenty (20) feet.
   (c)   Owners, developers and contractors on subdivisions that have dedicated streets that do not intersect with another street shall provide a turnaround as approved by the Village Engineers, Planning and Zoning Commission, Director of Public Service and Council until such time as the street is extended or completed.
      (Ord. 22-089. Passed 12-5-22.)