(a)   Relation to Adjoining Street System. The subdivider may be required to continue certain adjoining streets through the area being subdivided when necessary to provide for local vehicular movement or to enable adjoining property to be properly subdivided.
   (b)   Street Widths.
       (1)   The width of streets shall conform to the width designated on the street plan as adopted by the Village of West Jefferson and any subsequent amendments thereto.
      (2)   Streets shall have the following minimum right-of-way widths.
      NOTE: (See Section 1177.01(a) and (b).)
100 ft.
with minimum pavement width
50 ft.
80 ft.
with minimum pavement width
44 ft.
* Industrial
60 ft.
with minimum pavement width
36 ft.
60 ft.
with minimum pavement width
36 ft.
60 ft.
with minimum pavement width
36 ft.
       *    Footnote: Village Engineers will set the specifications for Industrial streets according to projected requirements but in no case shall they be less than the minimums.
      (3)   Whenever any subdivision or resubdivision provides lots in the interior of existing blocks, such lots shall front upon and have proper access to, a permanently dedicated street or place which connects with one of the streets bounding the block. All dead-end streets or places shall have adequate provision for turning of vehicles in the interior portions of the block. Such turning area shall be a circular drive having an overall diameter of not less than 100 feet to the street lines.
      (4)   Whenever there exists a dedicated or platted portion of a street adjacent to the tract to be subdivided, the remaining portion of the street shall be platted or dedicated to provide a minimum right-of-way of fifty (50) feet for single family developments, or sixty (60) feet for two-family dwelling developments.
   (c)   Blocks and Lots.
      (1)   No block shall be longer than twelve hundred (1,200) feet between street lines.
      (2)   Where blocks are over seven hundred fifty (750) feet in length, the Commission may require a crosswalk near the center of the block. The right of way for any such walks shall not be less than ten (10) feet in width and such walk shall be improved with at least a four (4) foot wide walk. All sidewalks shall have Handicap ramps at all intersections and crosswalks.
      (3)   All side line of lots shall be at right angles to straight street lines, or radial to curved street lines, unless a variation to this rule will give a better lot plan.
      (4)   Corner lots shall have extra width to permit the maintenance of building set- back lines on both front and side streets, as required by the Zoning Ordinance.
      (5)   The minimum area and width of all lots shall conform to the area regulation of the zoning district in which the lot is located.
   (d)   Easements. Easements of not less than seven and one-half (7.5) feet in width shall be provided on each side of all rear lot lines and side lines where necessary for wires, conduits, storm and sanitary sewer, gas, water and drainage ditches. Easements of greater width may be required along lines or across lots where necessary for the extension of main sewers and similar utilities.
   (e)   Street Names. Streets that are obviously in alignment with others already existing and named shall bear the names of the existing streets. Street names shall not be duplicated within the County. (Ord. 22-089. Passed 12-5-22.)