(a)   The owner of any tract located within the Village who desires a Research-Industrial District (RID) zoning designation shall apply for a change in zoning pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance of the Village. In the case of property being annexed into the Village, Council may designate the RID District as the appropriate zoning district for such property, effective upon acceptance of such annexation, provided that such property meets the area requirement of Section 1124.04 (c)(1) above.
   (b)   Development plans on properties in an RID District are likely to consist of long- term development and construction schedules, later phases of which may be based upon existing or previously approved site plan conditions. Accordingly, the Site Development Regulations applicable at the time an application for an RID District is approved, or at the time the RID District designation is established for annexed property, shall apply in the future development of the property located in such RID District, notwithstanding any subsequent amendments or modifications to the RID District Site Development Regulations adopted by the Village. An owner of property in an existing RID District who wishes to have amended or modified Site Development Regulations may seek a variance, if necessary, to met such amended or modified Site Development Regulations, which amendments may be granted to achieve the purposes for which the RID District exists.
   (c)   Once Village Council has approved an application establishing an RID District or designated an annexation property as an RID District, the property owner shall apply to the Village’s Zoning Inspector for a Zoning Certificate for each new building, proposed building expansion or development, prior to the commencement of construction. The Zoning Inspector shall approve the application for a Zoning Certificate if the proposed building, expansion or development meets the Site Development Regulations applicable to an RID District that were in existence at the time that the property was designated to be in an RID District.
(Ord. 22-089. Passed 12-5-22.)