(a)   Height. Buildings and structures erected in the RID District shall be subject to the following height limitations:
      (1)   No building or habitable structure shall exceed one hundred fifty feet (150') in height, as measured from the grade established at the base of such building or structure;
      (2)   Utility structures, including antennae, water storage towers and other nonhabitable structures shall not be erected to a height that creates a “fall zone” for such structure that includes any boundary line of the RID District, or any residential structure within the RID District.
   (b)   Yard Requirements.
      (1)   Minimum depth of front yard: building/parking - 50 feet;
      (2)   Minimum depth of each side yard: building - 50 feet and parking - 25 feet;
      (3)   Minimum depth of rear yard: building - 50 feet and parking - 25 feet.
   (c)   Lot Requirements.
      (1)   A minimum area of one hundred (100) acres is required for the establishment of an RID District. Such acreage may consist of a combination of multiple tax parcels;
      (2)   Individual lots. No minimum lot size exists within the RID District, except that each separate lot must meet all other site development regulations established in the RID District including front, side and rear yard requirements.
      (3)   Minimum lot frontage: None;
      (4)   Maximum lot coverage: 70%.
   (d)   Parking.
      (1)   Minimum number of parking spaces; one parking space shall be provided for every 1,000 sq. ft. of gross building area, except for a warehouse use where the parking requirement shall be one parking space for every 5,000 sq. ft. of gross building area;
      (2)   Parking lot screening: any parking space located within 50 feet of an adjoining property which is in an “R” zoning district shall be screened from that adjoining property by a minimum four feet high mound, wall, landscape, hedge, or any combination thereof.
      (3)   The parking area shall be graded for proper drainage and improved so as to provide a durable surface (satisfactory construction materials include, but are not limited to, cement, asphalt, compacted gravel and similar materials).
      (4)   Off-street loading or unloading space shall be provided in sufficient area and vertical clearance to accommodate the maximum number of trucks and tractor-trailers anticipated at a building within the RID District at any one time.
   (e)   Building Plan Approvals. Building and construction plans for proposed improvements in the RID District shall be subject to the requirements of the Ohio Basic Building Code in effect as of the date such plans are submitted for approval. A copy of all building and site plans shall be submitted to the Building and Zoning Department for their file.
(Ord. 22-089. Passed 12-5-22.)