The Planning Commission shall conduct a Site Plan Review for all projects to come before it, as set forth in this chapter and all other applicable sections of this Zoning Ordinance. The Board of Zoning Appeals shall conduct a Site Plan Review for all projects and/or development types that are appealing a decision to disapprove the proposed site plan by the Planning Commission. Site Plan Review shall be required for the following types of projects/developments:
   (a)   New construction or relocation of building for all development types, except for single- family and two-family dwellings, not a part of a platted subdivision or Planned Residential Development (PRD).
   (b)   Conversions of an existing structure to another permitted use and where no new exterior construction or site development is planned. “Use conversion status,” for the purposes of this Zoning Ordinance, is changing from a residential use to a commercial use or from a commercial use to a residential use.
   (c)   Projects covered by Section 1276.02(a), which are contemplating an addition or expansion, which have a least one of the following effects:
      (1)   Alterations or rearrangement of on-site parking which results in a reduction or increase in the number of parking spaces or placement within a required front yard area;
      (2)   Increasing floor area by 50% or more of the existing floor area;
      (3)   Alteration of vehicular traffic flows by way of ingress and egress or within the site itself; and
      (4)   The construction of public or private off-street parking areas where they are permitted under this Zoning Ordinance.
   (d)   Employment increases where such increase in employment requires additional parking to be provided in order to remain in compliance with the parking requirements of Section 1270.06.
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13; Ord. 2019-04. Passed 4-2-19.)