(a)   Height Regulations.  Height regulations shall be the same as in the Residence “A” District, except that private clubs, banks, offices, studios and hotels may be erected to a height not exceeding 60 feet if the building is set back from each yard line at least three feet for each foot of additional building height above 35 feet.
   (b)   Lot Area, Lot Width and Yards.
Private Clubs and Hotels
Other Permitted Uses
Lot area
All requirements for dwellings shall be the same as those that apply in the Residence “A” District as set forth in Section 1266.04
2 acres
Minimum lot width  & frontage
200 feet
200 feet
Front yard depth
60 feet
50 feet
Side yard width
Equal to building height, but not less than 50 feet
15 feet
Rear yard depth
30 feet
      (1)   For all buildings permissible in a Commercial District, the minimum side yard width and rear yard depth shall be 75 feet, when adjacent to a Residence District and on the side or sides adjacent to the Residence District only.  Section 1272.01(g) is inapplicable where this Subsection (b) is applicable.
(Ord. 2013-01. Passed 2-5-13.)