1062.02  FEES.
(a)   The following fees shall be charged by the Village for the sale of burial lots/niches:
      (1)   Site for sale to resident:
         A.   Full body site               $   450.00
         B.   3' x 3' site (Memory Garden)         225.00
         C.   Niche in Columbarium            475.00
      (2)   Site for sale to nonresident:
         A.   Full body site                  600.00
         B.   3' x 3' site (Memory Garden)         300.00
         C.   Niche in Columbarium            625.00
(Ord. 1994-8.  Passed 6-7-94.)
      (3)   Charges for opening and closing grave for the
         burial of any person one year old or older      200.00
      (4)   Charges for opening and closing grave for
         burial of a baby or child less than one year old      100.00
      (5)   Charges for opening and closing a cremation
         gravesite or niche                  100.00
      (6)   Additional charges for all work performed by
         Village employees on Saturday, Sunday and/or
         holidays                       50.00
      (7)   Disinterment charge, including reinterment      1,000.00
      (8)   Charges for footer which will be paid by the
         monument company prior to the setting of the stone     300.00
   (b)   Footer recommendations:
      (1)   Footer depth of full body site: 48" (recommend 46").
      (2)   3' x 3' site (Memory Garden): footer depth (recommend 36").
   (c)   The above fees shall take effect as of the effective date of this section.
(Ord. 1993-15.  Passed 12-30-93; Ord. 2015-06.  Passed 3-3-15; Ord. 2017-11.  Passed 1-2-18; Ord. 2018-23. Passed 12-4-18.)