The Fire Prevention Code adopted under Section 1501.01 is modified by the following provisions which are hereby adopted:
   (a)    The manufacture of explosives or blasting agents and the storage of explosives or blasting agents in excess of fifty pounds of explosives and 5,000 blasting caps are prohibited within the Municipal limits.
   (b)    Bulk, processing or industrial plants, refineries or other plants and distilleries and all buildings, tanks and equipment used for the storage, processing, distillation, refining or blending of flammable liquids are prohibited within the Municipal limits.
   (c)    A permit shall be obtained from the Fire Official for each installation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) employing a container or an aggregate of interconnected containers of 500 gallons or more.
   (d)   All appeals of any decision of the Code Official shall be to the City Manager.
   (e)    The National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code #101, 1997 edition, is hereby adopted, provided that if a provision of such Code is in conflict with a provision of the Building Code adopted in Section 1301.01, the Building Code provision shall prevail.
(Ord. 99-64. Passed 11-16-99.)