A.   Permit Requirements; Fees And Deposit: No person shall make any opening or excavation in any street, alley or other public place in the Village without first obtaining a permit. Application for such permit shall be made to the Department of Code Enforcement and shall state the location and approximate dimensions of the proposed excavation and the purpose for which it is to be used. The fees and deposit for such permit shall be as prescribed in Title 9, Chapter 1, Article A of this Code. Work authorized under contract to the Village shall be exempt from the provisions of this Section.
   B.   Completion Of Work; Protection: The permittee shall promptly complete the work for which such excavation has been made and shall protect traffic by surrounding such excavation with proper barriers and by maintaining thereon, from sundown to sunrise, lighted red lamps which are plainly visible in all directions.
   C.   Refilling Excavations: The permittee, upon completion of the work for which excavation was made, shall immediately refill such opening or excavation. Under the direction of the Department of Public Works, any refilled excavation awaiting paving shall be appropriately barricaded as determined by the Department of Public Works for the purpose of excluding traffic until the street shall be fit for passage. Such refill shall be kept in position until the paving thereon has been replaced.
   D.   Compaction Of Pits And Trenches: All open excavations for the installation of underground facilities shall be properly backfilled. Under hard surfaces, such as roadways, sidewalks and driveways, trench backfill shall be compacted and certified to acceptable engineering standards. Under parkways and other soft surface areas, backfill material shall be compacted in six inch (6") lifts with the final six inch (6") lift being suitable topsoil.
   E.   Replacing Pavement: The permittee, when such excavation in any street, alley or other public place has been refilled, shall restore and replace the paving thereon as soon as practical, but no later than thirty (30) days thereafter. The pavement shall be constructed to match the adjacent pavement cross-section and shall be as approved by the Department of Public Works.
   F.   Pavement Warrantee: The permittee shall maintain and keep in good repair, free from depressions, all such pavement patches for a period of one year, following the installation of the patch. If the permittee shall fail to do so, the village may repair the pavement patch at the expense of the permittee as prescribed in title 9, chapter 1, article A of this code. (1997 Code)