A.   Notwithstanding any other provisions of the franchise to the contrary, the grantee shall at all times comply with all laws and regulations of the State and Federal government or any administrative agencies thereof; provided, however, if any such State or Federal law or regulation shall require the grantee to perform any service, or shall permit the grantee to perform any service, or shall prohibit the grantee from performing any service, in conflict with the terms of the franchise or of any law or regulation of the Village, then as soon as possible following knowledge thereof, the grantee shall notify the Village of the point of conflict believed to exist between such regulation or law and the laws or regulations of the Village or the franchise.
   B.   If the Village determines that a material provision of this Chapter is affected by any subsequent action of the State or Federal government, the Village and the grantee shall negotiate to modify any of the provisions herein to such reasonable extent as may be necessary to carry out the full intent and purpose of this agreement. (Ord. 98-2054, 9-28-1998)