A.   The cable television system shall have a minimum channel capacity of eighty five (85) channels, and grantee shall make available a minimum of eighty five (85) channels of video programming.
   B.   Such system shall maintain a plant having the technical capacity for "two-way" communications.
   C.   The grantee shall maintain the following:
      1.   At least one specially designated, noncommercial governmental access channel available on a first-come, nondiscriminatory basis;
      2.   At least one specially designated noncommercial educational channel for use by local educational authorities;
      3.   The grantee shall make a channel available for leased access uses in accordance with the requirements of Federal law. Studios and associated production equipment will be located in a mutually agreed upon site to meet the public's need for public access, education and local government channels as noted above. Financial and technical support and replacement and maintenance of equipment of this facility shall be separately incorporated into the franchise by agreement.
   D.   The grantee shall provide emergency broadcast capacity pursuant to FCC rules. The grantee shall cooperate with the Village in the use and operation of the emergency alert override system.
   E.   The grantee shall provide such additional services and facilities as are contained in its application, which is incorporated by reference herein. (Ord. 98-2054, 9-28-1998)