A.   The Village Manager or chief elected official or his designee is designated as having primary responsibility for the continuing administration of the franchise and for the implementation of complaint procedures.
   B.   As subscribers are connected or reconnected to the system, the grantee shall, by appropriate means, such as a card or brochure, furnish information concerning the procedures for making inquiries or complaints, including the name, address and local telephone number of the employee or employees or agent to whom such inquiries or complaints are to be addressed.
   C.   When there have been similar complaints made, or where there exists other evidence, which, in the judgment of the Village, in consultation with the grantee, casts doubt on the reliability or quality of cable service, the Village shall have the right and authority to require the grantee to test, analyze and report on the performance of the system. The grantee shall fully cooperate with the Village in performing such testing and shall prepare results and submit a report within thirty (30) days after notice. Such report shall include the following information:
      1.   The nature of the complaint or problem that precipitated the special tests;
      2.   The system component(s) tested;
      3.   The equipment used and procedures employed in testing;
      4.   The method, if any, in which such complaint or problem was resolved;
      5.   Any other information pertinent to the tests and analysis which may be required.
   D.   The Village may require that tests be supervised, at the Village's expense, by an independent professional engineer or equivalent of the Village's choice. The engineer shall sign all records of special tests and forward to the Village such records with a report interpreting the results of the tests and recommending actions to be taken. If tests show that fifteen percent (15%) of the system's tests do not meet FCC technical standards, grantee shall reimburse the Village for its expenses.
   E.   The Village's rights under this Section shall be limited to requiring tests, analysis and reports covering specific subjects and characteristics based on complaints or other evidence when and under such circumstances as the Village has reasonable grounds to believe that the complaints or other evidence require that tests be performed to protect the public against substandard cable service. (Ord. 98-2054, 9-28-1998)