A.   Compliance With Construction And Technical Standards: The grantee shall construct, install, operate and maintain its system in a manner consistent with all laws, ordinances, construction standards, governmental requirements, and FCC technical standards. In addition, the grantee shall provide the Village, upon request, a written report of the results of the grantee's annual proof of performance tests conducted pursuant to Federal Communications Commission standards and requirements.
   B.   Additional Specifications:
      1.   Construction, installation and maintenance of the cable television system shall be performed in an orderly and workmanlike manner. All cables and wires shall be installed, where possible, parallel with electric and telephone lines. Multiple cable configurations shall be arranged in parallel and bundled with due respect for engineering considerations.
      2.   The grantee shall at all times comply with:
         a.   National Electrical Safety Code (National Bureau of Standards);
         b.   National Electrical Code (National Bureau of Fire Underwriters);
         c.   Bell System Code of Pole Line Construction; and
         d.   Applicable FCC or other Federal, State and local regulations.
      3.   In any event, the system shall not endanger or interfere with the safety of persons or property in the franchise area or other areas where the grantee may have equipment located.
      4.   Any antenna structure used in the system shall comply with construction, marking, and lighting of antenna structure, required by the United States Department of Transportation and any local ordinances.
      5.   All working facilities and conditions used during construction, installation and maintenance of the cable television system shall comply with the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
      6.   Radio frequency (RF) leakage shall be checked at reception locations for emergency radio services to prove no interference signal combinations are possible. Stray radiation shall be measured adjacent to any proposed aeronautical navigation radio sites to prove no interference to airborne navigational reception in the normal flight patterns. FCC rules and regulations shall govern.
      7.   The grantee shall maintain equipment capable of providing standby power for headend, transportation and trunk amplifiers for a minimum of two (2) hours.
      8.   In all areas of the Village where the cables, wires and other like facilities of all public utilities are placed underground, the grantee shall place its cables, wires and other like facilities underground. When all public utilities relocate their facilities from pole to underground, the grantee must concurrently do so. (Ord. 98-2054, 9-28-1998)