A.   From time to time during the progress of permitted work, the building official shall cause an inspection to be made for the purpose of ascertaining that such work is being done in accordance with plans and specifications submitted as provided in section 9-1A-2 of this article, and a written report of such inspection shall be filed with, and made a part of, the record of the job.
   B.   For the purpose of making such inspection, the building official or his deputy, agent or any other employee of the village shall be permitted to enter upon premises where the work is being done at any and all reasonable times.
   C.   Inspections shall be carried out by the building official or his duly appointed agent in the following manner:
      1.   After completing construction to an inspection point, the general contractor telephones the community development department and makes a request for inspection. Request must be twenty four (24) hours prior to desired inspection.
      2.   If the construction is approved and it is not the final inspection, the building official will notify the contractor that construction may proceed. Careful inspection shall be made of the location of buildings for conformity to site plan, in addition to the building inspection. If the construction is approved and it is the final inspection, the building official will issue a certificate of occupancy or a certificate of completion.
      3.   If the construction is not approved, the building official prepares an inspection report listing the necessary corrections required to pass the requested inspection.
      4.   The applicable portions of the above building inspection procedure are repeated as often as necessary until the completion of the final building inspection. (Ord. 14-31, 8-4-2014)