A.   Video Gaming Permitted: Pursuant to 230 Illinois Compiled Statutes 40, video gaming act, video gaming is hereby permitted within the corporate boundaries of the village of West Dundee, Illinois. The village of West Dundee hereby adopts by reference the aforementioned compiled statute.
   B.   License Required: Any appropriately licensed liquor establishment within the corporate limits of West Dundee who may qualify for video gaming as defined under the act shall obtain a license to permit video gaming within at its local address, which must be issued by the village.
   C.   Video Gaming Signage Provisions:
      1.   No reference to video gaming or video poker is permitted for any permanent freestanding, surface mounted or window signage for any licensed establishment.
      2.   Video gaming references are permitted for temporary window signage at no more than nine (9) square feet per commercial frontage. All other temporary sign provisions are restricted from including any references to gaming, video gaming or video poker.
   D.   Number Of Video Gaming Terminals: No video gaming license issued shall authorize the establishment or maintenance of more than five (5) video gaming terminals per licensed establishment, as originally authorized by the Illinois Video Gaming Act, 230 ILCS 40, adopted effective July 13, 2009. (Ord. 2013-01, 2-4-2013; amd. Ord. 2013-20, 10-7-2013; Ord. 2020-05, 3-2-2020)