For the purposes of this chapter, the words and phrases described in this chapter have the meanings designated in this chapter, except when a particular context clearly requires a different meaning. If a word or phrase is not otherwise defined in the village ordinance, the word or phrase shall be defined by the definition contained in the Illinois Compiled Statutes.
   ACQUITTAL: A verdict or finding of not guilty of an offense, rendered by a legally constituted jury or by a court of competent jurisdiction authorized to try the case without a jury.
   ACT: Includes a failure or omission to take action.
   ANOTHER: A "person" or persons as defined in this chapter other than the offender.
   CONDUCT: An act or a series of acts, and the accompanying mental state.
   CONVICTION: A judgment of conviction or sentence entered upon a plea of guilty or upon a verdict of finding of guilty of an offense, rendered by a legally constituted jury or by a court of competent jurisdiction authorized to try the case without a jury.
   DWELLING: A building or portion thereof, a tent, a vehicle, or other enclosed space, which is used or intended for use as a human habitation, home, or residence.
   INCLUDED OFFENSE: An offense which:
   A.   Is established by proof of the same or less than all of the facts or a less culpable mental state (or both), than that which is required to establish the commission of the offense charged, or
   B.   Consists of an attempt to commit the offense charged or an offense included therein.
   INCLUDES OR INCLUDING: Comprehending among other particulars, without limiting the generality of the foregoing word or phrase.
   MISDEMEANOR: Any offense for which a sentence to a term of imprisonment in other than a penitentiary for less than one year may be imposed.
   OFFENSE: A violation of any statute or ordinance of this village.
   PEACE OFFICER: Any person who by virtue of his office or public employment is vested by law with a duty to maintain public order or to make arrests for offenses, whether that duty extends to all offenses or is limited to specific offenses.
   PERSON: An individual, public or private corporation, government, partnership, or unincorporated association.
   PROSECUTION: All legal proceedings by which a person's liability for an offense is determined, commencing with the return of the indictment or the issuance of the information, and including the final disposition of the case upon appeal.
   PUBLIC EMPLOYEE: A person, other than a public officer, who is authorized to perform any official function on behalf of, and is paid by, the state or any of its political subdivisions.
   PUBLIC OFFICER: A person who is elected to office pursuant to statute, or ordinance, or who is, appointed to an office, which is established, and the qualifications and duties of which are prescribed, by statute, or ordinance, to discharge a public duty for the village.
   PUBLIC OR COMMUNITY SERVICE: Uncompensated labor for a nonprofit organization or public body whose purpose is to enhance physical or mental stability, environmental quality or the social welfare and which agrees to accept public or community service from offenders and to report on the progress of the public or community service to the court.
   REASONABLE BELIEF OR REASONABLY BELIEVES: The person concerned, acting as a reasonable man, believes that the described facts exist.
   SOLICIT OR SOLICITATION: To command, authorize, urge, incite, request, or advises another to commit an offense.
   STATUTE OR ORDINANCE: The constitution or an act of the board of trustees of the village of West Dundee.
   VILLAGE OR THIS VILLAGE: The village of West Dundee, and all land and water in respect to which the village of West Dundee has either exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction, and the air space above such land and water. "Other village" or "other municipality" means any other village or other municipality in the state of Illinois. (2004 Code)