(A)   Every licensed secondhand dealer shall record every transaction of secondhand goods received by the dealer on a form approved by the Police Department. The form shall list all the pertinent information needed regarding the items being received by the secondhand dealer and the person or persons selling, exchanging or trading the item to the secondhand dealer. If there are no transactions of this type in a week, there is no need to file a report.
   (B)   The above report shall be furnished to the Police Department by 4:01 p.m. of the following Monday. It shall include a copy of the seller’s driver’s license or photograph identification card.
   (C)   A legible and correct copy of the form shall be required to be kept by the secondhand dealer, containing all the particulars of all the secondhand articles obtained on the preceding week, and the dealer shall deliver the original filled form(s) to the Chief of Police or his or her authorized representative, properly completed by the seller/customer in accordance with the provisions of § 115.08 or the form shall, if the Chief of Police so elects, be mailed to such address as the Chief of Police may direct.
(Ord. 4176, passed 7-18-2013)