All swap shop/secondhand dealers shall:
   (A)   Keep accurate records of transactions where secondhand articles are brought into the store/business location within the city boundaries and the store/business acquires the secondhand article by buying it or trading or exchanging something for the secondhand article. This chapter does not apply to situations where the store/business acquires secondhand articles by purchasing them or trading for them outside of the city limits or online. The articles acquired shall be reported on forms approved by the Chief of Police, which forms must be entirely and legibly completed in hand printing or typewritten and signed by the secondhand dealer. Information provided on the forms must include all brand names, dates, serial numbers, model numbers, words or initials inscribed on the property and the name, date of birth, address and motor vehicle operator’s license number or state identification card number of the personal from whom the articles were received by the swap shop/secondhand dealer;
   (B)   Require valid identification from all persons with or from whom the swap shop/secondhand dealer purchases, exchanges, trades or receives secondhand articles;
   (C)   Return the completed forms to the Chief of Police before 4:01 p.m. of every Monday which is not a holiday after the transaction. When a Monday is a holiday, the forms must be turned in by 4:01 p.m. on the following Tuesday. A true and accurate copy of each of these forms must be retained by the swap shop/secondhand dealer for a period of at least one year;
   (D)   Retain all secondhand articles which the swap shop/secondhand dealer obtains by purchase, exchange, trade or receiving for a period of not less than 20 days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays or holidays after the forms described in this section are returned to the Chief of Police in accordance with division (C) above. Such secondhand articles shall be maintained in the same condition in which they were obtained by the secondhand dealer during such 20-day period. All secondhand articles and purchased items shall be kept only at the licensed location, and out of sight of the viewing public and customers of the licensee until the expiration of the 20-day period set forth in this division;
   (E)   Keep and use an intelligible set of books and records in the English language in complying with this section with respect to recording the details of each purchase, exchange, trade and receipt. All information required to be recorded by such section shall be entered in a bound book or on lose-leaf, permanent forms used exclusively for this purpose. Forms shall be identical and consecutively numbered, bearing the date upon which any transaction occurred. All books, forms, accounts, records and the like shall be kept at the licensed location; and
   (F)   Preserve books, forms, accounts and records for at least one year after making the final entry regarding any transaction therein.
      (1)   All books, forms, accounts and records, and all other sources of information with regard to the business of the licensee, shall at all times be available for inspection by the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee for the purpose of assuring that the business of the licensee is being transacted in accordance with law.
      (2)   Other methods of recording data, keeping records and keeping books, such as electronic or computerized methods, may be used in lieu of the methods described in this section, provided written printouts or hard copies of the required data are readily available in a form approved, in advance, by the Chief of Police.
      (3)   The requirements of this section shall apply to any transaction of secondhand goods undertaken by a swap shop/secondhand dealer, even if the transaction is from another swap shop/secondhand dealer.
(Ord. 4176, passed 7-18-2013)