(a)   Effective with the utility billings issued from and after October 1, 2010, the balance due from a consumer for Utility service in the Village of Wellington shall be rounded up to the next even dollar amount, provided that, in no instance shall the resulting bill be increased by more than ninety-nine cents ($0.99).  The additional funds received from the Village as a result of this recalculation shall be deposited in a "Utility 'Caring Fund.'"  Any Utility customer of the Village of Wellington shall have the option to at any time "opt out" of participation in this program, provided that he has given thirty days written notice to the Village of his desire to do so; in such case, no additional sums shall be charged or due on the account unless/until the customer so requests.  If service is changed into a new name at the same location, the charge shall be made unless the new customer opts out. (Ord. 2010-31.  Passed 10-18-10.)
   (b)   The Director of Finance shall deposit the additional charges established in subsection (a) into an ongoing "Utility 'Caring Fund."  The Director of Finance shall take such actions with the Ohio State Auditor and to execute such documents as may be necessary to lawfully establish and maintain such account on an ongoing basis.
(Ord. 2012-13.  Passed 5-7-12.)
   (c)   Funds received by the Village of Wellington and credited to the Utility Caring Fund shall be used exclusively to make grants to Utility customers of the Village who are in financial need, as follows:
      (1)   A Village customer whose Utility account is in arrears and who has received a "shut off" notice from the Village may apply to the Village for a grant.
      (2)   To be eligible for a grant, the customer must be an individual who shall demonstrate to the Village:
         A.   That he has been found to be currently eligible for assistance under the Home Energy Assistance Program;
         B.   That he has already exhausted aid from or through the HEAP program operated within Lorain County and through Oberlin Community Services.
         C.   That he has not received such assistance from the Village of Wellington for at least twelve months.
      (3)   Grants shall be approved by the Clerk-Treasurer, on a first-come, first-served basis, for eligible customers, provided, that funds are on deposit in the Utility Caring Fund, in an amount not to exceed $200. (Ord. 2010-31.  Passed 10-18-10.)
   (d)   The Director of Finance shall advise the Council as to the number of grants made from this Fund and the amount of funds received into this Fund.
(Ord. 2012-13.  Passed 5-7-12.)