The police or poundmaster are hereby empowered to seize or impound any animal as described in section 6-3-1 of this chapter, and in that event, he shall notify by mail the owner of such impounded animal stating where such animal is confined and also the amount necessary to claim or redeem the same as provided herein and the period that such animal will be held before disposing of the same. Such notice shall be sent by registered mail to the owner of the animal at his present address if known. If the address of the owner is not known, it shall be addressed to the owner in care of general delivery, Weiser, Idaho. If the name of the owner is not known, the foregoing notice may be dispensed with, in which case the animal shall be disposed of as herein provided. No disposition shall be made to other than the owner until the lapse of five (5) days following the impounding of such animal. (Ord. 861, 10-11-1976)