A.   It shall be unlawful for any person to allow any cattle, horse, mule, hog, goat or sheep or other livestock to run at large, or be herded, tethered or picketed in any of the streets, alleys or public grounds within the corporate limits of the city.
Provided, however, that it shall be lawful to herd or drive stock upon designated stock routes after the owners of the animals to be herded or trailed shall first register with the chief of police of the city twenty four (24) hours prior to bringing animals into the city. City police shall provide escort through the city.
   B.   It shall be the duty of the owner of any animals trailed or herded upon the designated stock routes to provide sufficient herders to confine the stock to established routes and to protect the property adjacent to the stock routes from damage by the stock.
   C.   The chief of police shall conspicuously mark and sign the stock routes within the city which are designated as follows:
      1.   From west city limits at Indianhead Road and West 9th Street south on West 9th Street to Indianhead Road, thence east on Indianhead Route to U.S. Highway 95 and Washington County Road 80C, also known as Chicken Hill Road. From Washington County Road 80C and East 9th Street to East Park Street, thence east on East Park to the city limits, and also from East Park and East 12th Street south on East 12th Street to East Main Street, thence east on East Main Street to the city limits.
      2.   From west city limit at Indianhead and West 9th Street south to West Idaho Street, thence east on West Idaho to U.S. Highway 95 Spur, thence south to the Snake River Bridge. (Ord. 910, 4-13-1981)